CVAC System:
A Revolution in Kidney Stone Care

How the CVAC System Works

The CVAC System is an all-in-one solution that is designed to efficiently and effectively remove kidney stones. It uses irrigation and vacuum aspiration to continuously clear stone fragments during and after laser lithotripsy, enabling physicians to achieve a stone-free outcome.

One Device.
One Vision.
Leave No Stone Behind.

Your all-in-one kidney stone treatment


Laser Lithotripsy

Microjet Irrigation

Dynamic Aspiration

Stone Collection

Designed to Give You Control & Confidence.

Simple. Streamlined. Sophisticated.

CVAC System Device Callouts

Aspiration You’ve Been Waiting For

Don’t settle for less

Separate Irrigation and Aspiration
Independent channels generate continuous flow.

Microjet Irrigation
Four angled nozzles fluidize fragments for effective evacuation.

Dynamic Aspiration
Clears dust during lithotripsy and removes fragments post-lithotripsy.

How the CVAC System is Different than Other Ureteroscopes or Suction Devices

Complete All-in-One Solution

Built from the ground up in partnership with urologists, the CVAC System incorporates multiple capabilities to give surgeons better stone clearance in a streamlined procedure.

Continuous Dust Clearance

Engineered for simultaneous irrigation and aspiration, the CVAC System uses Microjet irrigation and a dedicated vacuum lumen to clear dust during lithotripsy.

Efficient Fragment Removal

The CVAC System can efficiently evacuate stone fragments up to 2mm in size with on-demand aspiration and a large vacuum lumen.

Clinically Proven Results

The CVAC System stands apart for its Level 1 clinical evidence, demonstrating safety and superior stone clearance in the landmark ASPIRE trial.