Introducing CVAC® System:
A Revolution in Kidney Stone Care

Calyxo CVAC System

One Device. Multiple Capabilities.


Laser Lithotripsy

Microjet Irrigation

Dynamic Aspiration

Stone Collection

SURE Procedure: A New Paradigm in Stone Care

The SURE (Steerable Ureteroscopic Renal Evacuation) Procedure is a minimally invasive kidney stone treatment that uses laser lithotripsy, irrigation, and vacuum aspiration to achieve complete stone clearance. The SURE procedure is performed exclusively with the CVAC System.

The Evidence is Clear.

In a randomized controlled trial, the SURE Procedure using CVAC System demonstrated outstanding stone clearance rates that were superior to standard ureteroscopy.

97 percent stone clearance with CVAC System

CVAC Case Videos

Watch CVAC System in action as it clears stone fragments from calyces.

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