Calyxo, Inc. develops and markets innovative technology for ureteroscopic kidney stone treatment.
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Calyxo, Inc. was founded in February 2016 in collaboration with leading U.S. urologists who recognized the profound need for improved kidney stone treatment. Kidney stone disease is a common problem that is painful and consumes vast amounts of healthcare resources each year. We are focused on delivering innovative solutions to better meet the needs of kidney stone patients and transform the care of this condition.


We are dedicated to improving care for patients with kidney stones by delivering paradigm-shifting solutions that enable urologists to safely, effectively and efficiently achieve unrivaled clinical outcomes.


We envision a day when kidney stones are efficiently removed in a routine, one-time treatment, leaving behind only peace of mind for both patients and physicians.


The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that filter waste and extra water from the blood to make urine.0Kidney stones form when minerals and*acid salts in the urine turn into hard deposits.0Usually this happens when the levels of minerals and*acid salts in the urine are high and the fluid level is low.0The stones form in the kidney and can cause severe pain as they pass through the urinary tract.0It is estimated that over 27 million Americans have been affected by kidney stones.1,2 Studies have shown that kidney stone disease is more*common among older men but has been increasing lately among women, especially those 20-39 years old.1


The healthcare burden from kidney stone disease is staggering. Kidney stones are among the top 10 reasons for visiting a urologist.3 In 2014, there were over 1.1 million emergency department visits due to kidney stones.4 In 2016, $403 million was spent on inpatient hospital care for this condition.5 Total direct costs of kidney stone treatment in the U.S. are expected to exceed $4.1 billion by 2030.6

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The Calyxo leadership team is passionate about bringing innovative medical device technologies to market that meet important clinical needs. The team has an unparalleled track record of success and extensive experience with medical device startups, the field of urology, product development and commercial launch.

Joe Catanese III, PhD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Full Bio

Joe has dedicated his career to using innovation to improve care for patients. He co-founded NeoTract where he helped invent the UroLift System for BPH, a revolutionary treatment that has helped over 200,000 patients to date. Joe earned his PhD in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco and his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.

Jee Shin
Founder and Chief Business Officer
Full Bio

Jee is a 25-plus year healthcare veteran who has spent over 12 years in healthcare venture, investing in innovative medical device and biopharma companies prior to founding Calyxo. Jee earned her MBA from Stanford University and BA in International Studies from the University of Washington.

Doug Hughes
Chief Financial Officer
Full Bio

Doug is a highly experienced CFO who partners with executive teams to build best-in-class organizations and execute high growth commercialization strategies. He has been instrumental in four successful medical device exits including the acquisition of NeoTract by Teleflex for $1.1B. Doug earned his MBA from the University of Chicago and his BS in International Finance from San Francisco State University.

Chris Buchko, PhD, JD
General Counsel
Full Bio

Chris has nearly 30 years of experience in medical devices and life sciences as an executive, attorney, and engineer with companies ranging from startups to industry giants. He holds a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Michigan, a JD from Santa Clara University, and a BS in Physics from Stanford University.

Eric Steuben
Senior Vice President, Operations
Full Bio

Eric is an energetic leader with 30 years of progressive achievements from hands-on engineering to executive management. He has broad corporate experience ranging from high-growth start-ups to world-leading corporations and has held executive leadership roles in manufacturing, operations, regulatory affairs and quality assurance. Eric earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering and MBA from Santa Clara University.

Ling Tong
Vice President of R&D
Full Bio

Ling is an experienced research and development leader who has spent over 20 years spearheading the development of novel medical devices. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has commercialized multiple products.

Katie Strother
Vice President of Clinical Operations and Professional Education
Full Bio

Katie has spent 20 years executing clinical trials of innovative medical technologies to provide meaningful improvements in patient care. She has a proven track record of leveraging clinical data to support product adoption and commercialization efforts for medical device startups. Katie holds a BA in Business/Economics and International Relations from Agnes Scott College.


4473 Willow Road, Suite 100
Pleasanton, CA 94588
Phone: (925) 526-5900
Fax: (925) 481-5533