Clinical Evidence

Superior Stone Clearance, Supported by Level 1 Evidence

ASPIRE Study: Multi-center, Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trial


  • SURE was statistically superior to standard URS in efficacy, achieving high mean stone clearance of 97% and consistently low residual stone volume.
  • CVAC System maintained its efficacy independent of the baseline stone burden, while the efficacy of standard URS decreased with increasing baseline stone burden.
  • No difference in safety between the two groups.
97 percent stone clearance with CVAC System

Seeing Is Believing

Without CVAC System:

Residual kidney stone fragments remain after laser lithotripsy.

With CVAC System:

Irrigation and aspiration are used to vacuum residual fragments during and after laser lithotripsy, enabling complete stone clearance.

Additional Publications

Steerable Ureteroscopic Renal Evacuation (SURE) for Large Renal Stones: A Multi-Institutional Center Study

Stern, K et al, 2023, Journal of Endourology


  • CVAC is a safe and effective procedure for large stone burdens and may be used for high-risk patients.
  • It drastically reduces stone volume regardless of baseline stone burden.
  • It can decrease the need for secondary procedures.
  • CVAC should be considered to avoid the morbidity from repeat ureteroscopy or PCNL.

Initial Safety and Feasibility of Steerable Ureteroscopic Renal Evacuation: A Novel Approach for the Treatment of Urolithiasis

Sur, R et al, 2022, Journal of Endourology


  • This initial study suggests SURE is safe, feasible, and may be more effective in stone removal postlaser lithotripsy compared to basketing.
  • SURE removed a significantly greater stone volume and significantly greater proportion of total stone volume at day 1 when compared with basket extraction.
  • The higher proportion of stone volume removed led to a 100% SFR as measured by CT at 30 days for SURE vs 75% for Basket.